Dave's Enthusiasm Ensures Success

Dave’s enthusiasm for not only preserving heritage but also making sure that it is accessible to all has ensured the success of projects such as refurbishment of the Maggie Law Maritime Museum. Through involvement with a wide number of stakeholders and local communities, he brings together a large group of individuals to work towards the preservation of local heritage.Dame Ann Begg MP

From Lathallan School

"Dave Ramsay has worked with Lathallan School for the past couple of years and has "raised the game" of our pupils in terms of community involvement. This is anything but tokenism. Activities have been meaningful and sustainable and brought private and state schools closer together in a celebration of our shared heritage. Pupils have met targets and are actively engaged in this vital area of education within the Curriculum for Excellence. We look forward to working with Dave in the future and value greatly what he has made happen already." Richard Toley

Your research into the Lost Villages Project was fascinating. Have lived in Stonehaven for 35 years and knew nothing of this. Your Maggie Law Museum project has provide a great educational resource for Gourdon and surrounding area. Well done.
GM - Stonehaven