More About Mearns Heritage Services

Mearns: providing locality and community heritage pride
Ensure: Living heritage is captured for future generations
Arts: Offset cutbacks, provide new community solutions
Recognition: Service Users, individuals and communities
New: Integrated, accessible approach to local heritage
Sustainability: Key objectives embedded in all projects

History: Personal, social and local history focus
Enterprise: Exploring potential and social enterprise options
Research: Review existing research, capture oral history
Innovation: New ways of thinking? delivering services
Transferable: Model is transferable in scope and content
Age: Target all age groups for social inclusion principles
Groups: Maximise existing, create new as needs arise
Empowerment: Community led, community heritage

Supporting: Individuals, Communities and Heritage Groups
Energising: Existing resources, committees and structures
Reviewing: By systematic and objective review methods
Validation: Tapping into existing accreditation
Induction: Systems approach for each HELP portfolio
Community: National Standards for Community Engagement
Evaluation: By tailored evaluation to HELP objectives
Success: Who, What and Where you always wanted to be!!!!