Maritime Heritage

The coastal area of the Mearns is rich in Maritime Heritage and we are proud to have been involved with the following projects.

The Maggie Law Maritime Museum


With the support of many sponsors and volunteers we were please to be involved in the refurbishment of this museum which was dedicated to The Maggie Law, one of the first inshore lifeboats to be built in 1890.

The wild rocky coast around Gourdon on the North East coast of Scotland, claimed many fishermen’s lives and the local fishermen decided to do something about it. They saved a penny in the pound from their catches, to provide funds to build and maintain an inshore surf boat that would ride the foam, and save fishermen’s lives.

The boat which was rowed by 6 men was in service for 40 years.

In 1900, a local group consisting of enthusiastic volunteers, the local businesses community, and retired fishermen, managed by an enthusiastic management committee, acquired premises and adapted to provide a permanent preservation base for the Maggie Law surf boat.
The museum was closed in 2007 due to difficulty getting younger volunteers to take over from the older fishermen.
On Friday 12th April 2013, the completely refurbished museum was opened by Aberdeen MP Dame Anne Begg.

Local schools are being encouraged to visit and use the computers in the upstairs area to learns more about the fascinating history including how a local Gourden lad captained the Carpathia lifeboat that helped to rescue many people when the Titanic went down in 1912.

More information can be found on the website

The Lost Villages Project

Not many people were aware of the lost villages and Dave Ramsay organized a team to carry out research to learn more about Crawton, Shieldhill, Gawpoo and Little Johnshaven.

See the results of the research at Lost Villages Project

The Gourdon Coastal Path and Heritage Trail

Information coming soon……..