About Dave Ramsay


Dave Ramsay

Dave Ramsay is a highly motivated self – starter, with excellent communications skills and a proven track record in Project Management, Change Management and Community Involvement and Heritage Initiatives.

A proven track record in securing sponsorship and funding for common good causes in communities, and the ability to be innovative and motivational, are the qualities required for community engagement, community heritage, and social enterprise.

Validated portfolio and testimony of Scottish contacts and networks with business, Local Authorities, the care sector and the third sector.These are all part of the professional HELP portfolio which will be tailored to your Project.

Easy access to a wide range of personalised support, on line, face to face, video or tele – conferencing, driven by you, are provided for each client.

Dave is a member of Stonehaven Business Association

In July 2011, Dave Ramsay as Project Director for A Howe o’ the Mearns Heritage Association, was awarded £7,500 from the National Endowments for Science , Technology and the Arts. (NESTA)

This came about as a result of a “Dragon’s Den” approach to funding for Community engagement Projects across Scotland.

Out of over 100 initial interests, and narrowed down to 14 final Projects, 11 were allocated funding on the basis of their proposals.

The stated requirements of the funding, stipulated working with people age 50+ in Social Enterprise contexts, and to use Community Heritage Projects as the vehicle to address and achieve these  objectives.
Locally, a decision was made to engage in a formal Partnership arrangement with Lathallan  School at Johnshaven, and to use their Civilianship programme for senior pupils, to form a community involvement programme, dedicated to the refurbishment of the Maggie Law Maritime Museum in Gourdon, and the Partnership Launch took place on November 2011 at Lathallan school to an invited audience.

The remit of the proposal and subsequent funding was to promote an integrated approach to community heritage activity, and to provide links to other associated Heritage Societies , groups and individuals involved in community heritage objectives.

Two years on, these objectives have been fully met, and from the 31st May 2013, the Howe o’ the Mearns Heritage Association will merge into Mearns Heritage Services, a one – stop – shop facility to support Community Heritage Projects providing:

  • Advice and consultancy on planning and implementing  Community Heritage Projects
  • Project management and community engagement to National Standards
  • Event management and PR management
  • Advice on funding and business models
  • Evaluation methodology and funding proposals
  • A not – for – profit approach to promotion of Heritage in the area of Kincardine and Means
  • An approach which involves community inclusion for a range of individuals specifically for people with sensory or physical disabilities.